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There are so many embroidery stitches you can learn, but it’s important to start with the basics. Once you have a handle on these 7 simple embroidery stitches, you will be ready to embroidery almost any pattern! This video tutorial will teach you how to embroider the following stitches! Back Stitch Split Stitch Chain Stitch […]

How to Back an Embroidery Hoop with Felt

There are so many ways you can back an embroidery hoop and some of them are great and some of them are, well, sketchy. I’ve done some experimenting and the method I feel looks most professional and doesn’t put your embroidery at risk with things like hot glue is the FELT METHOD. And the best […]

How to Transfer Embroidery Designs onto Fabric

There are so many methods you can use to transfer designs onto fabric but my favorite is t r a c i n g. I start by taping my pattern onto my fabric. You can then hold it up to a window so light passes through the pattern and fabric, or use a light table. […]

New! Stitches Downloadable Embroidery Pattern

Hello Friends!! I am seriously so excited because I am releasing the new pattern I have been soooo excited to share with all of you! I have been wanting to make a free pattern I could give to all my followers who want to learn embroidery! Click on this link to download your free pattern […]