Hanging Banner

Make your own hanging banner in the January 2021 Virtual Embroidery Class.

Be My Valentine

Use this video tutorial for help making your own banner from start to finish!

Virtual Embroidery Class

Snowflake Kiddie Kit

Here is a stitch along video tutorial for the Snowflake Kiddie Kit 🙂

Pumpkin Patch Kiddie Kit

The perfect activity for kids this fall!

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My Little Garden Kiddie Kit

This is the perfect little kit you need to to teach a young child embroidery.

And, it comes with a video tutorial so kids can stitch along with the video and learn embroidery at a young age!

My Little Garden

This is a perfect embroidery kit for KIDS (recommended ages 7+). The embroidery kit includes every thing you need to create your own “My Little Garden” hoop art.


  • -Clear step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures and minimal words
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL so kids can learn and stitch along with guided video instructions
  • Linen fabric with PRE-TRACED pattern (pattern is traced with a Pilot Frixion Pen and can be erased with heat from an iron or blow dryer when your child is done
  • Cotton fabric to make the hoop more sturdy
  • Large embroidery needle (easy for kids to use, and not too sharp)
  • Thread
  • 4 inch embroidery hoop

use #threadunraveled when you share your creations 🙂

Here is the Stitch Along video tutorial:

Embroidering Stems Around A Hoop

I was itching to add something new to one of my patterns. Something unique. Something that would catch the eye of one of my viewers.

I came up with this cool idea of wrapping the stems around an embroidery hoop and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It makes the embroidery hoop feel like part of the art, not just the fabric that I embroidered!

I first attempted this 3D stem look with my “self-care” embroidery hoop and it was a hit on social media! This encouraged me to create a pattern that could be used by others.

Because of the current COVID19 pandemic, I decided to create my “Wash Your Hands” pattern. Something comical, yet useful in today’s world. A sweet little reminder I will be hanging in my bathroom at home.

Again, I used my 3D stem look to give this embroidery hoop a little extra character.

Because I know not everyone will want to embroider something that says “Wash Your Hands,” this pattern also comes with a BLANK TEMPLATE allowing for others to add their own word(s) to the floral pattern and make it their own.

Some other phrases I would love to see in the center of this hoop are:

  • love at home
  • have courage
  • be kind
  • love is spoken here
  • strong and beautiful
  • make today amazing

Want to get the cool 3D stem look?! Here is a video tutorial teaching you how to wrap your stems around an embroidery hoop!

Embroidery for Kids

I have so many patterns for adults, it dawned on me that kids would also love to embroider. Especially when everyone is stuck inside all day because of Corona Virus.

So… say hello to my newest product! 👋🏻 Embroidery kits for KIDS – a KIDDIE KIT as my husband likes to call them 🌿

This kit comes with:

  • pre-traced fabric
  • 4-inch embroidery hoop
  • thread
  • a large embroidery needle (to help kids thread their own needle)
  • step-by-step instructions with minimal words and lots of pictures!

My favorite part about this kit is after your child is done stitching, you can erase the pattern marks with the heat from a blow dryer! It’s magical!! 🙌🏻

The pattern is sweet and simple and is perfect for children wanting to learn a new craft! Recommended for ages 7+

COVID_19 Quarantine Activities

Stuck at home because of the corona virus quarantine?

Here’s a list of 20 things you can do at home to help the time pass by:

Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift is always so difficult for me! Especially when I’m shopping for my mom. Often times I feel like whatever I get won’t be good enough because she could just buy it herself! She does have lots more money than me, after all 🙂

That’s why I usually go with something handmade! When you make something with your own two hands, no one can be mad about it (cuz that’s just rude). The time and effort you put into making something beautiful for someone is priceless.

This year, I’m gifting my mom a floral embroidered art piece. It’s something I know she will love because I made it myself and because it’s just really cute!

Another idea is this “Home Is Where Your Mom Is” hoop. It’s a lovely reminder that no matter where you live or what your circumstances are, home is wherever your mom is.

Give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift this year – something handmade, and made with love from the heart.

Get all the materials to make this hoop for your mom here.

Don’t like this pattern, but still want to embroider something for your mom? I have 20+ patterns to choose from in my Etsy shop! Go pick something to make that your mom will LOVE!

Here are some of my favorite patterns that your mom will love:

My mom loves this pattern! Yours will too 🙂

This was my Mother’s Day pattern last year! I LOVE it!! These words are so, so true.

My most popular pattern that is fun to have displayed year-round. Make it for your mom… or make it for yourself 😉