I have always been the kind of person who needs to be doing something with my hands. I can’t just sit and watch TV, I need to be actively doing something. I don’t know if that started because I felt guilty just sitting there watching TV or if it was because I really did enjoy doing things, but now I have to be doing something all the time. When I was little, I was always looking for a new craft. I was really into beading. I made beaded bookmarks, necklaces, bracelets,etc.  After the beading phase, my mom introduced embroidery. Besides getting really frustrated with having to thread a needle, I enjoyed it. But after a while, I moved on to something new–making hair bows. When I went to high school and college, I didn’t have as much time for crafts, so I took a little break.

Last year, after I got married and was no longer concerned with keeping up with my dating life, I began the cycle again where I explored tons and tons of crafts again. I found a pile of wood and decided I could make super cute stuff with it. That lasted about a week and then I realized there are so many tools (loud tools) that I would need to purchase and it just wasn’t going to work out seeing that I live in an apartment. So I moved on to watercolor. I learned that I can paint an awesome slice of watermelon and I got pretty good at painting saguaro cacti. After the watercolor phase, I thought about string art. Remember when that was really trendy? I made a cactus and then realized that the hammer was kinda noisy for the neighbors.


Then I remembered a Christmas gift my mom had given the previous year: AN EMBROIDERY KIT!! I decided to give it another try. Basically, I was a beginner again because I didn’t remember a whole lot from when I was little. I looked up a lot of YouTube videos and discovered the world of embroidery artists on Instagram. Seriously, I had no idea people had Instagram accounts just for embroidery or that you could sell Hoop Art. My world opened up. I began to think of so many ideas and I began to sketch them out. I finally took the plunge and began my first ever embroidery project as @threadunraveled: The Douglas Fir. Why did I pick a Douglas Fir? I thought a tree would be an easy first project and my husband is from Oregon. It turned out pretty great and I was excited about it.

I made a few more things like a Christmas Ornament and even tried my hand at sewing on Canvas! I can definitely say that my embroidery skills have gotten better and I have gotten faster. I created my Donut Pattern within the first few weeks of my journey (it was the PERFECT project for a beginning embroidery artist like myself).

And since then I have created so many more designs, sewn on so many different mediums, and shared my art with people all over the world! It is fun to see where this journey has taken me and I am beyond excited to see where it will go!