4 Reasons Your Fabric is Puckering

If your fabric is puckering, there’s probably a simple solution. Let talk about how fix it:

  1. Is your fabric too loose in the hoop? If you can wiggle it around and move it back and forth a bunch, it’s probably too loose. Keeping the fabric tight in your hoop will help you manage the tension of the thread and hep prevent puckering.
  2. Are you pulling the thread too tight? If you pull the thread too tight, it’s going to force your fabric to scrunch. You want to make sure the tension of your thread is equal to the tension of your fabric. 
  3. Sometimes the type of fabric you’re using may not be ideal for embroidery. For example, silky and stretchy fabrics can be difficult to embroider on because the needle slips or the tension of the fabric is difficult to manage. I’m not saying never use those fabrics! I love embroidering on stretchy t-shirt materials. But if you are using a fabric that is difficult to work with, you will have to use extra caution.  And if you’re wanting to embroider on clothing, I recommend grabbing any of my embroidery patterns for clothing! They each include all my tips and tricks for embroidering on clothing 👏🏻
  4. If your fabric is puckering, another thing to consider is maybe your fabric got stretched out. If your fabric is too tight in your the hoop, it can stretch out your fabric. When you take the fabric out, you’ll see puckering.

The biggest takeaways from all this would be make sure you keep your fabric tension and thread tension equal. These two things need to work together to get that professional looking embroidery art



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