Daisy Lattice Tutorial

Need the pattern for this tutorial? Get that here.

I had the concept for this pattern in my head for several months and finally figured out a way to implement it! A “made-to-cut” embroidery pattern, meaning it is intended to be cut and used in any shape/form that is needed for your project space. It is a very customizable pattern since you can literally cut the pattern to fill any area exactly as you would like to use it.

I used this pattern on the front of a little brown, corduroy dress and cut around the pattern so that it would exactly fill my project space.

Examples of places it could be used are:

  • bodice of a dress
  • on top of a jean pocket
  • collar of a shirt
  • back of a denim jacket

You could even print out the design multiple times and line up the pattern along the grid lines to allow for an even bigger design.

For a step-by-step tutorial on this embroidery project, see the tutorial below.

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