Embroidery On Clothing

I love embroidering on clothing! It is the perfect way to up-cycle an old shirt or add a personal touch. I have done lots of experimenting embroidering on clothing and have figured out the best methods that work for me, and can work for you too!

For ALL of my tips and tricks for embroidering on clothing, grab my Clothing Embroidery Guide or any clothing embroidery pattern from my shop. They answer commonly asked questions like:

-How do I transfer the pattern onto my clothing?
-Should I use a stabilizer on the back?
-Should I use an embroidery hoop?
-How do I keep my fabric from stretching and puckering?
-How do I secure the embroidery thread so that it doesn’t come unraveled?
-How do I wash hand-embroidered clothing?
-What type of thread should I use?
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