Gift the Embroidered Sweater Stitch Along

I've had a people ask me how they can gift this sweater stitch along to someone for the Holidays, so I created this physical card you can have mailed to that crafty person in your life. The card includes a QR code which they can scan to access everything including the Stitch Along pattern, instructions, video tutorial, etc!

(*If you want the Sweater Stitch Along, but don't need the physical card mailed to you, here is the link for the digital download giving you immediate access to everything. Nothing will be physically mailed to you.)


Here are the Stitch Along details:

The Stitch Along will take you through the process of embroidering this "hello" sweater step-by-step and includes all my tips and tricks for embroidering on knit material as well as my preferred materials, tips for transferring the pattern onto your sweater, how to make the perfect stitch, and all your other frequently asked questions.

Feel free to use the "hello" pattern provided, or write/draw your own pattern and use this stitch along video to help you embroider it! (Stitch Along video gives some instructions for how to transfer your own design onto your sweater).

In a nutshell, this Sweater Stitch Along includes:

  • pre-recorded Stitch Along Video
  • "hello" PDF embroidery pattern
  • detailed written instructions for using the pattern including pictures
  • list of materials needed (including links to all my favorite supplies)
  • Tips and Tricks for embroidering on knit material
  • answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (see below)

The pattern also includes answers to all your frequently asked questions like:

  • How do I transfer the pattern onto my clothing?
  • Should I use a stabilizer?
  • Should I use an embroidery hoop?
  • How do I avoid puckering when working with stretchy materials?
  • How do I secure the embroidery so that it doesn’t come unraveled?
  • How do I wash hand-embroidered clothing?
  • What type of yarn should I use? 

Get the physical Stitch Along card mailed to you or the gift recipient and scan the QR code to access the Embroidered Sweater Stitch Along.


Get the Stitch Along immediately sent to your inbox. Nothing physically mailed to you.

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