How to Transfer Embroidery Designs onto Fabric

There are so many methods you can use to transfer designs onto fabric but my favorite is t r a c i n g. I start by taping my pattern onto my fabric. You can then hold it up to a window so light passes through the pattern and fabric, or use a light table. Honestly, sometimes I even use the light from my computer screen and hold it up to that (probably not the best idea for your computer, but it works for me)! To trace my pattern, I like to use a water soluble marker. I've tried the pencils, but the don't work great for me. My favorite is the "Mark Be Gone" fabric marker. I really do love it and I even ranted about it for a little bit on my insta (so you could say this marker is "insta worthy") haha! I got mine at Joann's but I'm pretty sure its available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and other craft stores! There's a blue color for light fabrics, and a white color for dark fabrics! See this post for another review on this marker! Questions? Comments? Post them below in the comments section!
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