Top 10 Modern Floral Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery isn't just a craft for grandmas anymore! There are so many cute, modern embroidery patterns out there. Here is a list my top 10 modern floral embroidery patterns:

10. Wild Lavender

Obsessed with this color pallet. The different shades of purple mixed with the green, such a serene embroidery to look at and a beginner friendly pattern.

9. Pocket Full of Posies

A cute pattern to try if you're wanting to learn to embroider on clothing. Pattern come with tips and tricks for embroidering on clothing. Use these tips to help you embroider on any piece of clothing.

8. In the Meadow

The mix of daisies and lavender is a fun and beautiful project to work on. This pattern is beginner-friendly and a relaxing project to work on when you have quiet moments to yourself.

7. Sunflowers Baseball Cap

Love love this baseball cap! The perfect project for spring, summer, and fall! Make your baseball cap a little more exciting with these sunflowers.

6. Daisy Sprig

The oval hoop with this pattern is *chef's kiss.* The daisies, pampas grass, and leaves create a beautiful sprig of florals.

5. Daisy Row

Add this row of daisies to the hem of a dress or shirt, across a bag, inside a pocket, or wherever else you can think of. Use any length of the daisy row to fit your project area.

4. Wild Daisies

I've always been fond of this pattern. It is probably my favorite of all my patterns if Im being honest! I love the look of the wild flowers and you could embroider these florals with any color you wish.

3. Vintage Garden

It may be titled "Vintage Garden" but honestly there's nothing vintage about it. This modern embroidery pattern flows beautifully. I love how these florals all work together to create this piece. Each individual flower is cute and unique in its own way, but together they create a stunning "garden."

2. Walking on Sunshine Boots

Did you know you can embroider on Doc Martens? Add a little color to these iconic black boots. The elastic is easy to stitch through with a needle, making this a fun and easy project to work on. And in case your wondering, the thread doesn't affect the elastic much at all :)

1. Leafy High Tops Converse

This pattern has been the #1 top pattern for some time and for good reason! It is perfect for dressing up your converse. The monochromatic leaves are the perfect amount of tasteful and cutesy :)

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