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Water-Soluble Sticker Paper

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This is a water-soluble stabilizer that adheres to your fabric like a sticker. Grab as many 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of it as you'd like 

How to use:

Draw, trace, or print your design directly onto the sticker paper. Peel off the paper backing, place the design onto your fabric, and start stitching.

Keep in mind that the paper is water-soluble, so don't let it get wet until you are completely done stitching your design.

When you have finished embroidering your design, soak it in warm water or run it under a warm faucet. Lightly rub your finger over the design until the paper dissolves completely.

If the fabric feels stiff after washing, this means it still has some sticker residue. Simply repeat the above process and soak the fabric in warm water until it is clean.

*TIP: If you intend to use this water-soluble sticker paper to stitch on clothing, I highly recommend purchasing one of my clothing embroidery patterns in addition to this water-soluble paper. Each pattern includes all my tips and tricks for stitching on clothing and include answers to FAQs like:

  • Should I use a stabilizer on the back?
  • Should I use an embroidery hoop?
  • How do I keep my shirt from stretching and puckering?
  • How do I secure the embroidery so that it doesn’t come unraveled?
  • How do I wash hand-embroidered clothing?
  • What type of thread should I use?
  • How do I transfer the pattern onto my clothing?