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Birth Month Flowers Stick and Stitch Embroidery Designs

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Birth Month Flowers Stick and Stitch Embroidery Designs! These 25 designs are pre-printed onto water-soluble sticker paper. Simply peel the release sheet off, stick it on to your fabric, and embroider with ease. When you are done, wash the paper pattern away with warm water.

Available to purchase in a custom set of 6 or 12 flowers if you just want a few of them or need multiple of the same month flower, or grab all 25 at a discounted price.

Use these florals however you want! I think they would make the cutest sweatshirt or t-shirt for Mother's Day. I made a sweatshirt for myself (as seen in the pictures) and I used a back stitch to embroider them! You could also use them to embroider a bag, pillow case, dress, socks, etc! 

Birth Month Flower designs include:

  1. January: Carnation
  2. January: Snowdrop
  3. February: Violet
  4. February: Iris
  5. February: Primrose
  6. March: Daffodil
  7. March: Jonquil
  8. April: Daisy
  9. April: Sweet Pea
  10. May: Lily of the Valley
  11. May: Hawthorn
  12. June: Rose
  13. June: Honey Suckle
  14. July: Water Lily
  15. July: Larkspur
  16. August: Poppy
  17. August: Gladiolus
  18. September: Aster
  19. September: Morning Glory
  20. October: Marigold
  21. October: Cosmos
  22. November: Chrysanthemum
  23. November: Peony
  24. December: Holly
  25. December: Narcissus

If you chose one of the 6 or 12 custom flower bundles, you can use the numbers that correspond with each of the flowers when typing which flowers you want.

This package includes TIPS for embroidering on clothing and basic instructions on how to use the stick and stitch embroidery designs. Please note that there are no step-by-step stitching instructions on how to embroider each design. These designs are intended to be unique to every person who uses them. You can use your own creativity to decide how to best embroider the design.

If you need help learning basic embroidery stitches visit this blog page.