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Poppies Socks PDF Embroidery Pattern

Poppies Socks PDF Embroidery Pattern

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*PLEASE READ: This is a PDF embroidery pattern which can be downloaded onto your computer. In addition to the PDF pattern, you also have the option to have the pre-printed pattern on a water-soluble sticker mailed to you.

There is so much you can do with this embroidery pattern! Add it to a pair of socks like I did, or a baby romper, jeans, a bag, a bonnet, or anything else you can think of.

Perfect for beginners and advanced embroiderers alike, this digital embroidery pattern gives you all the instructions, tips, and tricks to stitch this pattern.

*The floral pattern is available in 2 different sizes: 2x2 inches and 3x3 inches. Both sizes are included in this download and you will be able to choose the pattern size that best fits your project space.

*You can also select to have the pre-printed pattern on a water-soluble paper mailed to you in either the 2-inch or 3-inch format. The water-soluble paper is a sticker paper that makes it easy to embroider on clothing. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer a pattern onto clothing, acts as a stabilizer while you embroider, and the best part is it dissolves in water when you are done!

Your digital download includes:

-PDF pattern

-list of needed materials

-pattern instructions (including what stitches to use, thread color, tips for embroidering on clothing, and pictures to help you along the way)

-stitching guide (pictures and explanations for how to create the stitches needed for this pattern)

-Stitch Along Video Tutorial

-Other video tutorials (links to videos that explain how to transfer your pattern, create specific stitches, secure your embroidery, and more!)

-Beginner Embroidery Guide: If you are a true beginner to embroidery, this digital download also comes with a Beginner's Embroidery Guide that will teach you all about your materials, how to transfer your pattern onto fabric and place the fabric in your hoop, how to thread your needle, and how to begin stitching your design.

-Several TIPS for embroidering on clothing including answers to frequently asked questions like:

-How do I transfer the pattern onto my clothing?
-Should I use a stabilizer?
-Should I use an embroidery hoop?
-How do I keep my fabric from stretching and puckering?
-How do I secure the embroidery so that it doesn’t come unraveled?
-How do I wash hand-embroidered clothing?
-What type of thread should I use?
*These tips will help you embroider on any piece of clothing!

Please note that the pattern and your finished product are for personal use only. Please do not sell the pattern or product made from the pattern. Thank you!

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